Luggage labels…

Hello all, hope you’ve had a good week!

Since my art college days I’ve loved collage and any form of paper craft.  I stand in Hobbycraft looking longingly at all the beautiful scrap booking materials and stamps, and usually can’t resist a purchase or two.  As many of you probably know, family life does not always allow us to indulge our creative whims.  However last weekend I managed to start playing around with some ideas, five minutes here and there when the children were busy entertaining themselves (by that I mean making a mess somewhere!).  I had lots of fun sewing scraps of paper onto luggage labels, which I shall use on new baby cards, and eventually scrapbook pages.   Try it, it’s quite addictive and very satisfying, I could churn out hundreds given the chance.  I have a Pinterest inspiration board dedicated to collage and junk journals here.

Have a lovely weekend!



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