Little wooden horses…

Dear all

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Last week the children and I went to stay with my parents in East Sussex for a few days, which we always try to do during the longer school holidays.  They live in the countryside, so there is lots to keep us all amused!  

My love of car boot fairs is inherited from my father, and whilst I was staying with my parents, we decided to get up ridiculously early one Sunday to go and hunt for treasure.  I  came home with lots of lovely goodies, which I will show you over the next few weeks, but today I thought I’d share these little fellas with you.  I had fallen in love with some beautiful little vintage horses that I had seen on some of the blogs that I follow, and had desperately searched the internet in order to get hold of some, but alas, I was out of luck.  I saw the potential in these sweet little horses in the bottom picture, paid £2 for them and went away very happy.  After I had given them a major haircut I gave them a Scandinavian style make over, with a little bit of white emulsion and pale grey eggshell paint.  They now sit beautifully on my old print drawers, and make me smile every time I walk past.

Have a fabulous week!



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