Christening gift…

Happy Friday everyone!

A quick post before I head off to France for the weekend (ridiculously excited!  Have packed everything but the kitchen sink), as I just wanted to share this box frame that I made for a christening gift for a friend’s baby.

I used a plain wooden box frame from Hobbycraft which I then painted.  I used some lovely scrapbook papers to make the labels, and used a tiny white peg on each one.  I stamped the name, date of birth and weight onto a plain label to personalise it (this one actually had baby’s middle names on it too, but I’ve rather badly Photoshopped it out and changed his date of birth too for the purposes of the blog).

I used these sweet little alphabet stamps to make the card with, and used the sewing machine to stitch some bunting on, along with a gift label.  Hopefully it’s something that will look fab on his bedroom wall in years to come – I think the lovely green and turquoise colours make it quite fresh and contemporary.

I hope you all have an excellent weekend, and hope to have some fab pictures from France to share with you next week!

Tamsyn x


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