Pretty Gifts…

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d share a few of the lovely things I got for Christmas with you.  I must admit, with the exception of the gorgeous candle which my dear friend Lucy gave me (along with some amazing French soaps – I will share those with you on another post) I actually bought these gifts for myself.  Well why not?  A gal deserves some pretty things at Christmas!

A trip to TKMaxx resulted in me putting the Deliciously Ella cookbook in my basket.  I’ve seen a lot of people saying how wonderful this book is, and although I’m not going to attempt to try a vegan lifestyle at this point in my life, I love the idea of clean, nutritious food.  And this book is so beautifully presented, I decided to give it a go.

I also put these cute thank you notes in my baskets.  It’s a shame to forget the art of letter writing, and pretty notelets are so good to have.

Black Friday meant a bit of a discount at the Debenhams beauty counter, so I treated myself to some Crystalle, a Chanel scent I used to wear donkeys years ago which is an absolute classic, as well as being one of Chanel’s lesser known fragrances.  It’s a scent which makes me feel terribly grown up and sophisticated, it’s gorgeous.

I got given some beautiful vintage goodies through my Secret Santa at work, which I will share with you too very soon.

Tamsyn x


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