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Last October, the lovely folks at Laura Ashley invited me to their SS 2016 preview.  Amongst all the beautiful textiles and home accessories I saw, I immediately took a shine to these wall stamps, and I promptly volunteered to road test them!

I chose Josette and Gosford, both pretty yet classic designs.  My daughter chose Gosford in lilac to go above her fireplace, and I chose Josette for my landing.  After a lot of procrastination, I decided to make life slightly more complicated for myself, and not use one but four colours on my landing!  

The stamps are really easy, and fun to use.  There is a bit of a knack to it it, so it is worth doing a few test runs on some lining paper, just to find the best method.  I found that dipping the stamp in a tray of  paint meant that there was too far much paint on the stamp, which made the imprint uneven – I found the best way to get a crisp, clear stamp was to paint your colour on with a large artist brush.  That way you can make sure the coverage is even, and try to get the paint out of the indents for a crisp stamp.  It is worth bearing in mid that you are hand stamping, so no two imprints are exactly the same.  You have to take a creative, painterly approach and have fun with it, rather than getting too hung up on making it perfect!  My Josette design in the hallway isn’t even, and some of the imprints I made were a bit wonky – but I absolutely love the effect!  When it comes to using several colours (I used a minty green, a soft blue and a turquoise), you either need to buy one stamp per colour to save time, or you need to wash it in-between each colour change.  A bit more time consuming but totally worth it.  I smile every time I walk past that wall now!

I’m looking forward to trying my stamps out on some plain paper to make customised wrapper paper later in the year.  The Paisley stamp would look gorgeous stamped onto plain cotton fabric in jewel bright colours and turned into gift bags or bunting – so many ways to get creative!

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