Living Room Sideboard

Hello everyone!

I hope your week is going well.

A couple of months ago I moved my living room around, just because I fancied a change (like you do!).  Although I wasn’t sure at first, it has grown on me.  Will it stay like that?  Possibly not, I’m pretty fickle when it comes the layout and style of a room.  After all, its really depends on the mood and season.  This was is where my sofa previously sat, but I do love how it looks with my sideboard against it now.  I’ve handpicked some beautiful things to decorate your sideboard with at the bottom of this post!

I am working with a photographer today to put together some test shots of food which is pretty exciting!  Although it’s fairly new territory for both of us, I especially am wanting to branch out more into food styling, so I’m looking forward to making some beautiful images.

Voting for the Interior Blog Awards ends this week, so if you haven’t already voted (than you from the bottom of my heart if you have!) then I would be so grateful if you hopped over and voted for the blog here.  It only takes a moment and it would be so amazing to get through to the next round.

Have a wonderful day!

Tamsyn x


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