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Hello everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and if you are in the UK, a wonderful bank holiday weekend!

I spent 90% of the last three days up a ladder, with paint splattered through my hair, a paint roller in one hand and a tube of wall filler in the other.  I’ve painted walls, woodwork, hung pictures up, wallpapered a wall on my landing (plain wallpaper!  Not brave enough to try patterned yet!) and skimmed a worse for wear patch of plaster under one of my bedroom windows.  No matter which way I turn, there is always something that needs painting, filling, or rubbing down with sandpaper.  But I shall conquer this house!  Inch by inch, I shall adorn each surface with paint and decoration!

My bedroom is huge, and I started painting it a few weeks ago.  It’s been a general dumping ground since I moved here so it’s been an epic task, but it’s starting to look beautiful.  I took these snapshots Sunday evening, when the sun was pouring through the windows, giving everything a peachy glow.  The mirror was a TK Maxx find, and the lamp and little books were from car boot fairs.  I’ll share some more pictures with you very soon!

Tamsyn x

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  • Beautiful room! I love the mirror and the vintage books look gorgeous. I'm off to the carboot tomorrow will be keeping my eyes peeled. Very happy I've stumbled upon your beautiful blog x

    • Thank you so much Rebecca, so glad you like it! I hope you found some vintage treasure at the car boot fair! x

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