A Wonderful Afternoon With Jessica Zoob

Hello everyone!

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of joining a wonderful group of ladies at an Open Studio with Jessica Zoob.  Some of you may have heard this story before, but it’s a good one so I shall tell it again!  A few years ago I attended the Amara Blog Awards, and I was feeling very brave, so I went alone.  It turns out that even as quite a chatty outgoing person, it’s quite hard to get talking to new people, however Jessica and her assistant, Georgie, saw me floundering, and took me under their wing.  I already loved Jessica’s work so of course it was wonderful meeting her.  After the ceremony we all drank lots of bubbles, and I now feel so lucky to count these women as friends.

The purpose of the open studio was not only to showcase Jessica’s stunning new collection, ‘Inspired by Asia’ (Jessica divides her time between Sussex and Hong Kong), but also to simply gather and inspire, with like minded creative people.  From that first night I met Jessica, it was so obvious straight away what a gorgeous spirit she is (her warmth radiates from all her paintings, bursting with colour and shimmering irridescence), so I couldn’t be happier that our paths crossed that night in London.

I also knew that I really wanted Lola to meet Jessica, so I was really happy to be able to bring her with me on Saturday.  I feel it’s so important to nourish her creativity (she is doing textiles as one of her GCSEs), and to immerse her amongst inspiring women.  Jessica gave us a little introduction, and talked about how she was at her point in her creative career where she wanted to encourage others to nurture and celebrate their passions, and to show that ‘there is always sunshine after the rain’.  She talked about how in these troubled times, we need to lift each other, and to remember that with love, hope and beauty, much can be achieved.

Jessica’s studio is open next week, so do go and immerse yourself in the light and colour there, and see Jessica’s art up close.  You can read more about the collection here.

Original miniatures from £700, Limited edition prints from £69

21 & 22 September 2019

Banff Farm, Upper Clayhill, East Sussex, BN8 5RR.

12 – 6pm everyone welcome with no pressure at all to buy and no appointment necessary

Tamsyn x


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  • Such a beautiful post, love seeing the studio through everyone else’s eyes! It was gorgeous, a lovely afternoon, and a treat to meet lovely Lola too xx

  • Ruth

    So inspiring Tamsyn. And how wonderful that Lola could join you. She gets more beautiful every day! Xxx

  • vanessa seal

    Thank you so much . Really beautiful !

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