August Hydrangeas in my Garden

Hello everyone!

Today I’m sharing some snaps taken over the last week or so of my beloved hydrangeas.  For those of you who don’t know the story, the blue ones in the flower bed are ones that I dug up and brought with me from the old house.  I get very emotionally attached to plants!  I do feel that our big drought last summer (here in Norfolk we had something like 34 days without rain) has affected their growth this year.  As their name suggests, they are incredibly thirsty plants, and after a rainfall you can see that they look so happy, with fuller, greener leaves and firm petals.  I think I need to dig some really nice compost into the soil around them, as I haven’t really added any nutrients since I planted them.  (If anyone has some good advice about perking up hydrangeas, please do let me know!)  Anyway, it could be me being super critical, but I do think the flowers are smaller this year.

When it comes to their colour, I have to confess I have completely cheated, and used colour changing powder to change the acidity of the soil.  I haven’t used it at all this year, but I must have used enough last year.  As I have said before, my Nana swore by tea leaves, old coins and rusty nails to influence the colour of hers.

You can see my hydrangeas here in 2016 and  2017.

Tamsyn x

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  • beautiful!

  • My goodness that powder works doesn’t it, so blue! Lots of ericaceous soil xxx

  • Lisa D.

    Are these really your hydrangeas, Tamsyn? I’m suffering from a serious case of garden envy! I don’t think supplementing your hydrangea bed with something to make them more blue is cheating. People do that all the time.

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