Autumn Dahlias, Late Afternoon Glow

Pink dahlias on a chippy green dresser


I hope you’re having a peaceful Sunday.

This summer, we had a prolonged drought here in Norfolk (as well as a countrywide heatwave, a sign of things to come, perhaps?), which left the garden in a very sorry state.  Anyway, I shall not dwell on that right now, as it made me sad to see.  The dahlias, however, did have a late bloom in October, some of them for the first time, which was a very welcome sight.

 This year, I wanted to grow more dahlias in pale shades of pink, from pale pinky creams to candy rose.  By the time they flowered, the wooden labels I had enthusiastically put in the soil to tell me what they were back in April, had long ago bleached in the sun.  I have just checked my orders, and what I believe we have here are the following.  Wizard Of Oz, Shiloh Noelle, Sweet Nathalie, Park Princess, and an unidentified dahlia I got from the market, which has actually been one of my favourites and has flourished in a pot.  Oh and there is also a Koko Loco rose in there, which is absolutely gorgeous and such an unusual colour.  I highly recommend it, I grew mine in a pot.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my first post back, they really warmed my heart, I’m so looking forward to sharing moments of loveliness with you again.  Soon it will be time to do a little festive decorating, and this year I am going to make a rustic wreath from foraged botanics, and whatever bits and bobs I have here at home.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



Tamsyn x

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  • Susan

    Have you heard of Charles Dowding and No Dig? Plants less affected by drought with his method. I’m obsessed. Starting veg patches asap

    • Hi Susan, I haven’t heard of that, I’m off to look into it, thank you!

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