Bedroom Reveal Part 1

Hello everyone!

Well, I found my download cable!  (In case you missed my last post, it was seemingly lost, somewhere in a pile of stuff!).  So here is Part 1 of my bedroom makeover.  It’s a huge bedroom, so it will take me a few posts to share it with you, it has also been a bit of an epic task, as this was what I was dealing with…

Now when I say it’s finished, it’s finished in the Tamsyn sense, by which I mean it actually isn’t.  Patches on the ceiling need more paint, curtains need replacing, skirting boards aren’t finished etc…the usual stuff that always takes longer to do than you think.  I’m also on the lookout for the perfect pendant lights, which I still haven’t found.  I’m so over the moon with the transformation though, and I absolutely love my new space, it has come together better than I could have hoped.  My floor sanding man blitzed the floor to reveal the most beautiful boards, which I then treated with my three coats of my favourite Ronseal whitewash.  The mirror above the fireplace and the wicker chair were both car boot fair finds, as were most of the lampshades, and my wardrobe was a lucky Salvation Army find many years ago.  I absolutely love the film ‘Atonement’, and I adore the interiors of the house that the first half of the film is set in, especially the bedrooms with their 1930’s eiderdowns, large scale floral wallpapers and curtains against a pale, creamy background.  So, I’m thinking of going very chintzy and floral with my curtains, and my lovely mum has agreed to help me make them, I just need to track down the perfect fabric!

I will post Part 2 in a few days – have a wonderful weekend!

Tamsyn x

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  • This is such a lovely bedroom and what an amazing transformation. I know these projects take a while, I am in the same boat, slowly but surely the house is getting transformed. I'm looking forward to part two and hopefully you find the perfect curtain fabric soon x

  • Wonderful! My kind of perfect.

  • Wow!! That's fantastic! I love all the lampshades above your armoire. Well done! Fabulous! ~ Vanessa ~

  • It looks fabulous! Well done, you've created a beautiful room. I'm the same way about decorating, I create ' the look', but I haven't finished painting the skirting board either! Love those lampshades!

  • Too. Much. Gorgeousness.

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