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  • Hiya lovely! Great idea doing the makelight workshop- I'm on the videowalk on the Friday. Looking forward to meeting you xx

    • Hey lovely, can't wait to meet you too, so excited!! I've been wanting to do a Makelight course for ages, so I thought I'd maximise on my train fare! xx

  • Going to be fabulous! Can't wait to hear all about it xx

  • Can't wait to see you xxx

    • Hi Janice, can't wait to see you too! Can't believe it's just around the corner xxx

  • I am so excited for Blogtacular.
    There are so many interesting people I want to see. I've started making a list of my must see sessions and I am hoping they don't clash!

    • Hi Emma, me too! Ooh you're a bit more organised than me, I've not even started doing that, there are so many amazing speakers it's going to be hard to choose! xx

  • I can't wait to her, I've been following news about it on Twitter too

    • Hi Sandra, fantastic, will obviously share my experience and pictures here – am so looking forward to it! Have a fab weekend x

  • How exciting! I always wonder whether I should be attending events like this, so i look forward to hearing all about it and what impact it makes on your blog. I'm particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on the Makelight workshop, as that is something that i'm definitely hoping to do soon. Good luck with it all – I love how pro-active you are – if you could bottle that energy and sell it, i'd definitely buy some!! xxx

    • Hi Paula! Well I decided it was crunch time, that this blog was either going to plateau or that I was going to push it to the next level, hence going to Blogtacular! Ah thank you so much – believe you me I struggle to fit everything in at the moment, it's all a bit of a juggling act! Have a fab weekend! xxx

  • Woooohooo!! Cannot wait!! Can you tell I'm excited??? Really looking forward to meeting you and having a real chat! Hopefully it will be a great experience and boost for both of us ??? xxx

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