Blossom And Vintage China

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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share some blossom prettiness with you.  This blossom was from my little tree that I brought with me from my old house, and every spring it brings me so much joy.  This little seating area is underneath the apple tree down the bottom of the garden.  I love this gorgeous china too that I picked up from the car boot fair.  A girl can never have too much pretty china!

My parents are coming this weekend which is going to be so lovely – the children haven’t seen them since August, and I saw them briefly in October when I was working near them.  We are doing a mini Christmas celebration too, so we can finally hand over our Christmas presents!  Here’s to hopefully being able to see our loved ones more often again.

Tamsyn x


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  • Janet Squires

    Beautiful as always Tamsyn. Enjoy your family time. Love and best wishes XX

    • Thank you so much Janet, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend xx

  • Katy Noelle

    I remember some of these images from Instagram but just do happy to see them here. A perfect dream!! 💗✨

    • Thank you so much Katy, thank you so much for popping over! xx

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