Hello everyone!

I’ve been sharing these snaps over on Instagram, but I wanted to share them here too, as I’m really rather fond of them!  Plus I got up super early to shoot them, I was next to these trees by 7am, and the light was magical.  They are situated next to Sir Peter Mancroft Church in Norwich, and every year these glorious trees frame it with frilly pink pom poms.   There’s something about the juxtaposition of super pretty blooms next to a historical building that I love so much.

This is such a busy time of year, the extra daylight hours mean that there is always work to do in the garden…watering some new roses I have bought, planting dahlias, and trying to clear out behind the shed!  Plus work has been bonkers, which is of course wonderful.  I’m making the most of it before things quieten down again.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

Tamsyn x


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