Botanical Vibe In My Living Room

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share these snaps with you today of my botanical corner in the living room.  I’m only a recent convert to the botanical trend, but I’m now well and truly hooked.  (See my Botanical Inspired Cabinet Makeover post from earlier this year!)  This little space has evolved over the last few months, and I’ve really grown to love the soothing effect that plants have on the home.

It needn’t cost a fortune either to get on the botanical bandwagon.  I have been lucky enough to find some decent houseplants by scouring the car boot fairs. Often they need a little TLC, but I actually love the challenge of nursing a plant back to health!  The plant in the little urn on the mantelpiece is a Money Plant.  Although I got this one from a local nursery, I found one from a house clearance stall at the car boot fair a few months back.  It looked so straggly that they actually gave it to me for free!  However once I got it home, I potted up all the new green shoots, and I now have about ten new little Money Plants.

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to plant propagation, and there’s such a nice feeling about getting more plants for your money!   For years I have done this with succulents, but I’m now trying it with some different plants so I can add a touch of botanical prettiness to every room in the house.  I have snipped some stalks from the pretty trailing String Of Hearts (also known as Rosary Vine, how gorgeous is that name?) which sits atop my mantel mirror.  I have put them in water, and I am patiently waiting for roots to sprout so I can plant them on. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes!

I paid £2 at the car boot fair for my Cheese Plant back in April, and it really did look a bit sorry for itself.  I treated it to a nice big pot and some fresh compost, and it is now rewarding me by unfurling glossy new leaves every few weeks.

It’s worth looking in charity shops and vintage fairs for interesting vessels to grow plants in.  I’ve even used an old zinc bucket for my magnificent Alove Vera, and the pretty green pot which I’ve planted a succulent in was 50p from the car boot fair.

Lola and I had such a brilliant time at Latitude festival at the weekend!  We lounged on the picnic blanket whilst listening to music, tried some new food, and soaked up the lovely atmosphere.  I’ll post some pictures to share a little of the festival vibe with you.  Now that the summer holidays have well and truly started, we have come to stay with my parents for a few days.  We have a day trip to Whitstable planned for tomorrow, which is a pretty seaside town in north Kent.

I’m (finally!) editing the photographs from the little natural dye session I had round my house a few weeks ago, I can’t wait to share those with you when they’re ready.

Tamsyn x


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  • Hi Tamsyn, as usual, your post is gorgeous. I’ve been keeping an eye out for an Aloe for a while now and I also forgot how pretty Swiss chesse plants were. One of those has now made my list x

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