Box Frame of Vintage Treasures

Hello everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend!

Amongst a weekend of ferrying the children around to parties (their social lives are now busier than mine!), I made it my mission to squeeze in a craft project this weekend to fix my craft junkie addiction.  I’m pleased to say that my mission was accomplished!

  I’ve had this box frame from The Range knocking around for months now, but finally it has been taken from it’s dusty corner and put to good use.  As I mentioned the other day, I wanted to do something lovely with my car boot vintage cigarette cards, so I decided to use a few of them on this mood board box frame, a collection of little 3D treasures, fabric scraps and paper ephemera.  It was quick and easy to make, as the box frames come with the padded fabric backing and a little packet of pins, so all I had to do was to arrange my treasures, and pin them in place.

I’ll share some pictures of what I did with the other cards on another post very soon!

Tamsyn x




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  • Such a sweet idea! I really need to get on the case with my craft ideas- I hope so many but squeezing in the time to do them is so hard so well done to you on this- these box frames are so pretty, peg x

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I totally agree, it's soo hard to squeeze crafting in with modern life, it's so important to fit it in somewhere if it's something you're passionate about, but that's often easier said than done! Hope you manage to squeeze some crafting time in soon! Tamsyn x

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