Bringing The Magic Back

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned in my last post, making sure the magic stays alive is more important to me than ever.  I don’t just mean at Christmas, but all year round.  In a world where so many terrifying things are happening, it’s a little bit of escapism.  Last weekend, my suggestions of decorating and festive crafting were met with a lack of enthusiasm from Lola, who is 12.  I think that when you are this age and standing on the precipice of teen hood, fairytales and magic are seen as childish.  It’s a natural thing to want to be ‘grown up’.  Whereas when we get older, we long to bring these elements back into our life, to bring back the magic of our childhood.

Anyway, the sparkle soon came back to her eyes when I suggested we take some photos.  She loves having her photo taken, so we had a lovely half an hour just playing and taking pictures.  I love these snaps so much, as they capture a real moment in time for us.

The team who shot our home for Country Living magazine are coming back on Tuesday to shoot it dressed for Christmas!  Which is very exciting!  I do however have a list as long as my arm to complete today, so I must go and wrap presents, decorate the tree and make mince pies.

Have a festive day!

Tamsyn x


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  • Mary Sue Lewis

    You can never predict what preteens or teens will find fun. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the photography with her! Love your home! Merry Christmas!?

  • Oh Tamsyn, your photographs are always so delightful. I love this little set, your daughter will look back on this moment and reminisce. Such a lovely moment. xx

  • Such a beautiful series of photos Tamsyn, and best of all, Lola will be able to look back at them when she’s older and remember the magic of childhood! xxx

  • Barb


    When will we see the results??????

    As always, everything you do and share is delightful!!!


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