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Hello everyone!  This week is flying by, I’m trying to ignore the fact that September is just round the corner!

I have been putting my DIY skills to good use on this little corner of my bedroom over the summer, and it now looks pretty much finished.  Here’s how it looked before…

Before I replaced the windows, the old ones were letting in water at the sill.  As a result, the plaster under the windows was in really bad condition.  I had to take the crumbling skim back as far as I could, and then I had to apply a layer of base plaster, before then applying a skim top layer of finishing plaster.  I really didn’t fancy giving my hard earned cash to a plasterer o do it, especially as it’s such a small are, so needs must!  It’s far from perfect, but I’m pretty pleased with how it looks now.

The other major change, is my new copper pipe curtain poles, which I’m completely in love with.  I found these on eBay, and I’m so happy with them that I’m going to buy some for the living room too.  I tried to put those up myself but alas, it was beyond my capabilities!  They’re really heavy, and it’s definitely a two person job.  When my family came to stay at the beginning of July, my Dad and brother kindly put them up for me.  I also bought curtain clips from eBay, and I’ve hung simple linen sheets from them.  I’m a bit of a lazy one, and having sheets means I can just bung them in the washing machine whenever they need it!

The other thing I did, which I think has made a real difference, is that I rehung some architrave around the window frames.  The original architrave had been removed at some point before I moved here, and I knew that I wanted to put that feature back.  I used the moulding that came from my dining room door when it was replaced, and has been sitting in the attic for the last two years!  They don’t match exactly, but a lot on No More Nails and a few tacks, and they’ve completely transformed the windows I think!  You can find old architrave at reclamation yards, but most DIY stores do a fairly good match too.

The chair is one that I shot for a sponsored post last year, you can read about it here.

My gorgeous chippy green stools are both purchases from my lovely friend Sonia at The Old Haberdashery.  I love the pop of colour in this simple little vignette.  It makes for a lovely calm place to sit and read whilst drinking tea.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with some snaps I took of my dahlias to share with you, so please do pop back!

Tamsyn x


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  • Stephanie Simpson-Walker

    Hello Tamsyn
    I absolutely love this make over.
    I havw wanted to use linen sheets in my bedroom as it has 2 windows (costly!) but I didn’t know where to get the poles & clips from
    Please would you mind giving me the details for the copper rails & wall fittings & clips , I would be most grateful.
    I have soak & sleep bedding. Are your linen sheet curtains white or grey?
    Many Thanks Stephanie x

    • tamsynmorgans

      Hello Stephanie, thank you so much, I’m so glad you like it. The copper poles were from eBay, I just searched ‘copper curtain poles’ and they are a few people making them. Curtain clips are also readily available on eBay, I went for antique brass ones. The sheets are a very soft grey. Tamsyn x

  • Anne Humphreys

    I was introduced to a product called EasiFill by my builder. It’s fantastic stuff and I have used it this past week to skim an area in my bathroom behind the radiator (and I took the rad off the wall and replaced it afterwards). Don’t know if it’s what you used but I can recommend it. And I live in Norwich so I know you can get it…..

    • tamsynmorgans

      Hi Anne! Oh that’s brilliant, thank you so much or the tip, I’ve got some other areas to do so I’ll give that a go! Tamsyn x

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