Car Boot Fair Treasure

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d share today’s car boot finds with you – the sunshine was glorious so the field was full of people today!

In no particular order…

1) Gorgeous old books.  I have a big old range in the fireplace in my dining room, and I am filling it with old books.  These were 4 for £1, I love the rich colours and gold fonts and patterns.

2) An old postcard, glass baubles and some pretty haberdashery flowers.

3) Beautiful old china bowls – sadly in very delicate condition, they look like they have been glued back together many times!  I paid 50 pence for the pair.

4) Beautiful old prints.

6) The sweetest little teacup and saucer.

7) A fabulous royal mug for £1

I also bought a vintage bureau with a dresser on top, which I’m quite excited about!  It’s being delivered this afternoon, and I think that a coat of paint and some new handles will make it quite beautiful.

Have a wonderful day!

Tamsyn x




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  • Wauw, lovely finds! I love all of them: the postcard, the prints, the teacup and the beautiful old books.
    Have a nice weekend!

    Margriet x

  • Wow what great finds! I need to get myself down a car boot!

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