Car boot treasure…

Hello all!

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

Whilst on holiday, I noticed that there was a car boot fair a couple of miles down the road from our campsite.  So on the Sunday morning, armed with purses with pocket money, the children and I set off to find treasure.  They are just about old enough now to not get bored, and to enjoy finding things to fill their bags up – children of all ages love tat, and mine are no exception.  Very soon their little bags were full to the brim with all things sparkly, plastic, and just plain useless.  But in return it did give me a chance to have a good search myself, and I found some lovely bits and pieces.

I love beautiful hand embroidered place mats, doilies and table cloths, and this little bundle cost me £2.  Some of the doilies aren’t in great condition, but I’ll maybe use them for collage, or to make cushion covers.

I already have four Babycham glasses that my lovely mum bought for me from a charity shop a few years ago.  Whenever I’ve seen them recently, they are just too pricey, but this set of 5 cost £5.  They would be lovely for serving Prosecco in, adding a bit of retro 60’s glamour!

I might re frame the pretty rose print at some point.

I bought a big bag of vintage cake decorations from a lady, full of silver leaves, cherubs and horseshoes…I have no idea what I am going to do with them,  I’m thinking they might be lovely for card making or scrapbooking, but I shall keep you posted!

Tamsyn x




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  • Suitably jealous! I have one of those Babycham glasses too, only the one but I do love it 🙂

    • Ah they are a bit of nostalgic fun aren't they! May have to have some friends round for a retro dinner party so we can use them! 😀

  • it's a great article, i love the pictures. Thanks for sharing this bookmarking your website as we speak lol xx
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    • Thank you so much! I went to another car boot fair this past Sunday, so have more treasure to share on the blog soon! 🙂

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