Car Boot Treasure

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Just wanted to share my car boot treasures from last weekend with you all,  I feel like the Car Boot Queen at the moment!!

First picture shows one of a pair of fabulous pink floral pillowcases.  I can’t get enough of these pretty, retro prints.  I’m still undecided as to whether to keep them as pillowcases or to make them into something else…

Second picture show some lovely sparkle in the form of an old buckle which I paid £1 for.  Next is a funny little mirror which has seen better days – it looks like it has been shoved at the back of someones garage for years.  It needs a little cleaning up but I love the peeling, chippy paint.

The next picture shows a sweet little teacup that was languishing at the bottom of a box, which I just had to have!

I had been looking on Ebay for Scrabble letters, as I fancied using them in some photographs and box frames, but wasn’t willing to part with cash they were selling for, so I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw a complete boxed Scrabble set for 50p.

Last but not least was this sweet Laura Ashley dress for my daughter for £1, the print is gorgeous.  She is pretty fussy when it comes to clothes at the moment, I still want to dress her in pretty dresses, but she has other ideas and is very strong willed!  She promptly put it on and then climbed the tree in our driveway, so I think it went down well!

Tamsyn x

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  • Just added your beautiful blog to Bog Love Day.

    I have a (mild) obsession with Scrabble letters at the moment – just need to figure out something crafty to do with them all! 😉

    • So sorry just seen your lovely comment – thank you so much!! 🙂 I too love Scrabble letters, am looking forward to doing something lovely with them! x

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