Car Boot Treasure

Hello everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Yesterday morning I dragged myself out of bed, pulled on some scruffy jeans, a big coat and a beanie, and went to a car boot fair, the first one I’ve been to since the beginning of September.  It takes a certain level of dedication to the cause of hunting for vintage treasure, to go out in public with no make up on, but I did it, and only frightened a few small children in the process.  It was so worth it though, because I came home with this little haul.

The coronation tin came from my favourite house clearance seller, an elderley gentleman who always wears a shirt and tie, and a big overcoat, even in the summer.  I’ve bought several things from him over the last year, but you have to be prepared to rummage amongst the boxes lined up in rows next to his van.  30 pence per item, or fill a bag for £1.  Lots of crockery and bric & brac, and in the summer he had lots of vintage bed linen.  This tin was so dirty when I found it, that I struggled to see HRH at first, but I bought it thinking that I might be able to clean it up, which I managed to do with a little Cif and gentle rubbing.

I paid 50p for the vintage glass bauble, which came from a similar stall, and 50p for the pair of Babycham glasses.  Sadly the little deer on both have lost their colour, but I don’t think that detracts from their charm.  I adore the vintage baking equipment, and I’ve always wanted some lovely vintage cooling racks since seeing some in a Country Living spread years ago.  Amazingly I nearly passed up on the beautiful knitting bag – I have no idea why, maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t yet had a cup of tea…at £2.50 I think it was my favourite buy of the morning.

I hope you have a fab week!

Tamsyn x

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