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Chippy bench with cushions
  • Dried hydrangeas in green glass vase
Vintage glazed cabinet

Hello Friends

Well goodness me, the world is a slightly different since the last time I posted isn’t it??  I hope you are all ok, it’s a very scary time isn’t it.  Sending love and strength to all of you, especially if you have friends or loved ones who are vulnerable to this horrible virus

I am at home for the foreseeable future, as not surprisingly, my diary is empty.  I had really hoped that things would pick up after Brexit, and indeed there was a glimmer, a flurry of new enquiries.  But now, there is nothing.  And as a freelancer, it’s scary.  This too shall pass, but not before it has a massive impact on businesses, both large and tiny.

So, I wondered if those of you in isolation, wanted me to post anything in particular over the next couple of weeks?  What would you love to see?  More kitchen?  Bedroom?  Still life?  I have some of my Reclaim features and a couple of recent shoots to share with you, but it’s always lovely to hear what you would like to see.  Leave a comment below!

In case you’re wondering what on earth is happening in the photos above, I decided to strip back a couple of pieces of furniture.  I found some paint stripper which is non toxic, it doesn’t do the best job but I am sort of liking the effect!  The bench is a work in progress, and the cabinet needs to be paler, the green is too bright.

At some point soon I need to be brave and step out into the wilderness that is my garden for a big tidy up, as I have the time on my hands.  I might also get some DIY jobs done that I have been trying to ignore for ages!

Tamsyn x




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  • Leslie-Anne

    It’s lovely to hear from you Tamsyn at this difficult time for everyone. Thank goodness we have the internet to help us all stay connected. I don’t live in the UK but I love to see pictures of English gardens and historic houses. I know that you like to photograph both, so that’s what I’d like to see. Thank you for adding some beauty to my day.

  • Kirsten

    Dear Tamsyn,
    I seem to remember that you had some wallpaper printed for your daughter´s bedroom. Would it be possible to see some pictures of that?
    Really hope that this crazy situation will not affect you too badly!!
    I don´t live in the UK either, but have followed your blog for some time now. It´s soo beautiful and inspiring, and always so positive!
    Thank you for that!!

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