Colour, Light and Love – An Afternoon at Jessica Zoob’s Studio

Hello everyone!  I hope your week has been lovely, I can’t believe the weekend is upon us again!

Last Friday, I attended Jessica Zoob‘s studio in Sussex for a sneak peek of her largest piece of work yet.  A bit of backstory here first : as you may have read here before, I met Jessica at the Amara Interior Blog Awards last Autumn, along with her husband and her wonderful assistant Georgie.  As I stood on my own, plucking up the courage to go and make small talk with people, they rescued me by taking me under their wing!  We had such a fun evening laughing and sipping bubbles and and it was like meeting dear friends – it was an instant connection.

Fast forward to last week, and a bit of car trouble was leaving my trip to Sussex in jeopardy – a smashed wing mirror had me hunting desperately round Norwich trying various mechanics, car dealerships and car part shops to find a replacement on the Thursday night.  I had been so looking forward to going to Jessica’s studio, but my heart sank as the reality was dawning upon me that I might not be able to go.  On the Friday morning, I decided to think positive, so I got ready, packed my camera, took the children to school and went to three more mechanics before finally finding one that could help me!  Sat nav programmed and coffee in hand, I embarked on my cruise down to the south.

Jessica’s studio is nestled amongst the rolling hills of East Sussex, and faces a breathtaking view of curvaceous velvet green fields and lush trees that disappear off into the distance beyond, nothing but the sound of birds and the breeze in my ears.  I stepped into the studio and was given the warmest, loveliest welcome before being given a studio tour by Jessica.  (The studio is light and airy : even the floor and table surfaces are incidental works of art, proudly bearing their own daubs of paint.)  It’s so important to say at this point that Jessica is one of those truly beautiful people whose happiness and warmth radiates from her – and it’s this joy which is reflected in each and every canvas.  I knew that I already loved her work very much, but seeing it up close was truly powerful – her personality bounces and sparkles from each and every painting, full of colour, light and love.  I felt quite emotional seeing these paintings up close, and it was an afternoon I will never forget.

Jessica’s work seamlessly flows from quiet, ethereal beauty to pastel deliciousness to rainbow cascades of colour that burst with happiness.  Her latest work is is her biggest piece yet, and it’s utterly breathtaking.  The new collection is called Ecstasy, and seven huge canvases make up the largest piece called Playing With Edges.  This piece is heavenly : it’s scale is overwhelming, and to stand back from it to view it just isn’t enough.  You have to slowly walk past it to take in every inch, colours leaping, twirling and splashing, dancing across the canvas, glistening pools of light and iridescence.  The shimmering colours catch the light, and made me think of mermaid scales and dragonfly wings.  You can truly get lost in this piece, and use your imagination to see whatever you want to see in it.

As if wasn’t all perfect enough, I got to take these pictures to share with you, chat with some other lovely bloggers and Instagrammers, eat some delicious food and sip elderflower cordial before heading back home, my heart full of joy and inspiration!  You can see more photos from the day over over on Jessica’s blog!

Jessica is holding an open studio this month, so you too can see her work.  If you love colour, already adore Jessica’s work or are completely new to it, I cannot recommend a visit highly enough.

May 6 – 7 & May 20 – 21 (11am – 5pm)
Browsers and collectors are equally welcome.
Banff Farm
Upper Clayhill
East Sussex BN8 5RR

See Jessica’s website here.

 Thank you so much Jessica and Georgie for having me, I hope to see you again very soon!

Tamsyn x


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  • Fabulous..! Taking colour to a new level X

  • What beautiful paintings – I absolutely LOVE Jessica’s work, thanks for taking such wonderful photographs. x

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