Craft Room Update

 Hello everyone!

Way back in January I decided to get some shelving put up in the craft room for storing my fabric collection, and other crafting paraphenailia.  I love being able to see my fabric stash out on display rather than having to root around in a cupboard.  I have also vaguely colour themed each pile, which I know verges on the obsessive, but folding up each piece of fabric and piling them according to size and colour felt so satisfying!  (I need to get out more perhaps!)

The hotch potch of storage under the shelves are all car boot fair finds – baskets, old heavy duty wooden crates and a mini chest of drawers.  Taking these pictures has also reminded me that I need to finish painting that basket in the bottom picture – I am the Queen of unfinished projects!

I am painting my attic over the next few days.  Everything that was up there is now in my bedroom, in my boy’s bedroom and strewn along the landing, so needless to say it’s a bit chaotic here.  I’m rolling up my sleeves as I have my work cut out for me – it’s a big room and it’s a mid blue colour, so is going to need a lot of paint.  Watch this space!

Tamsyn x




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  • It looks fabulous, I love your eclectic storage! Good luck with the attic!

  • Rebecca Ellis

    What a wonderful space, I love home inspo x

  • Oh my gosh!! Love, LOVE this! My hubby said it reminds him of my studio. 🙂 I love pinks & pastels also. Beautiful!!

  • What a beautiful, bright space. And colour coded fabric is the law 🙂

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