Dark And Moody Still Life of Dahlias

Hello everyone

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Now that autumn is here (in all it’s glory – it was hot enough for just t shirts here yesterday!), I’m excited to start playing around with some dark and moody photography again.  Especially now that I’m using Lightroom, editing my photos is a much more creative, joyful experience than it was last year.  I absolutely love playing around with different vibes and moods, and I find it such a thrill to take a good photo, and to throw some magic dust onto it and turn it into something beautiful!

Not only that, but I needed to test run my huge, dark backdrop that I painted.  And I can confirm that it’s a success!  Although I am thinking that I also need one with more of an inky, indigo tone…if you want to read more about my venture into moodier, magical photography, then do take a look at this post from the archives.

Anyway, I’m always to hesitant to get rid of flowers as soon as they start fading.  For me, that’s almost when they become their most beautiful…petals scattering, their form gently collapsing as the colours gently turn.  I’m so inspired by these colours at the moment – dusky pinks and burnt oranges.

I’m already thinking ahead to my planting for next year.  I have a one meter deep space in front of the window at the front of the house, which is currently full of weeds, stones and other rubbish.  But I see that as potential space for at least three more dahlias, so I need to clear it over the winter.

We have friends coming over for Sunday lunch today, so I’m off to run the hoover over the house, and to try and eject the children from their beds!

Tamsyn x


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  • Susan

    I love your beautiful photography of dahlias! Have a beautiful week!

  • Beautiful photography. Loved having a peek.

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