Day 1

Hellebores from my garden on vintage books
Hellebores from my garden on vintage books

Hello everyone!

How are you?  I hope you’re safe and well still.

As you can see, rather imaginatively I’ve called this post Day 1, rather than coming up with a pretty title – Day 1 does exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s Day 1 of a lockdown here in the UK.  We are not allowed to leave our house except for one walk per day, hospital appointments, grocery shopping and work for keyworkers.  (Actually it’s all a little bit more complex than that, but they are the basic rules.)

These are a couple of things I’ve done today which have brightened my day.  And I know that not everyone has access to these facilities, and none of it is rocket science, but I wanted to share.  (Oh and I picked these beautiful hellebores form my garden the other day – I bought the plant with me from my old house, and I love seeing it spring up every year.)

Call a friend

I have just had a really lovely 2 hour 45 minute FaceTime chat with one of my dear friends.  Her dear Dad passed away just over a week ago, and we have been in constant contact ever since – I had hoped we could meet up the early part of last week, but with everything she had to deal with, and then the impending social distancing meant that we couldn’t do it.  So tonight we spent nearly three hours talking  face to face (sort of) with a glass of wine, and it was wonderful.  We had a giggle and shed a couple of tears.  So, call a friend, or try FaceTime, or Skype is also good and easy enough to do on a computer with a camera.  FaceTime and Skype are both free.  Use this time to reconnect with friends you haven’t spoken to in ages.

Get outside if you can

I am lucky.  I have a garden, and I live in quite an unusual place above a city, but with a lot of open green space around me.  So I dipped outside for a 5 minute walk (as we are allowed to do once a day), and there was no one around – which I know not everyone can do, especially in busier areas where everyone is trying to do the same thing.  But the sun is shining this week, so get those windows open or sit on a balcony and take 5 minutes to daydream and soak up some vitamin D.

Ignore celebrities handing out tips from their mansions

Fine if you’re feeling happy as Larry where you are in life, but not so much if you’re if you’re not feeling so good about things.

Get on Pinterest instead

Ok I actually need to take my own advice here, as I’ve neglected my Pinterest – but I still think its one of the most inspiring platforms, and it’s the one I’ve been using the longest.  I still get a thrill from curating a beautiful board, and I still look back at my boards when I need a bit of inspiration.  You can find me and my boards here!

I’m afraid that’s all I have for today folks!  I was editing photos at 6am this morning, as I couldn’t sleep, so I’m ready to hit the hay.

Stay well lovelies, catch up tomorrow!

Tamsyn x

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