Day 2

Collection of small objets and semi precious stones
  • Collection of small objets and semi precious stones
  • Collection of small objets and semi precious stones
Collection of small objets and semi precious stones

Hello everyone!  How are you doing today, are you still ok?

Day 2 of lockdown.  I’ve had these photos kicking round on my camera roll for a while, there’s not much to them really, just some objects which looked very pleasing to my eye when sat all together.  There’s something quite serene about them, with their pink and lilac hues, so I thought they’d fit here perfectly today.  I don’t know much about semi precious stones, but I do know that I love them, and that I’m very drawn to them.  I bought these (I know one is rose quartz!) from the tiny gem shop in Cromer, where the children love to spend their pocket money when we visit.

Today I have been doing yet more editing, which is driving me up the wall as my computer can’t cope with Photoshop.  The spinning rainbow wheel of doom (what you get on a Mac when it’s about to self combust) greets me every few minutes, which makes me feel like tossing it out of the window.  Then I realised that maybe it wasn’t just the iMac that was making me feel that way, and that feeling a bit flustered and all round anxious was probably not surprising, given the events in the world at the moment.  I am just so thankful that we have had sunshine, so I was able to go and stand on my decking and huff and puff, just to get things in perspective.

What I did also do today, was finish scrubbing the decking (finally!  It’s finished!  And lovely and clean, tidy and non slippery).  For the past two springs, I have fancied buying a cherry blossom tree to go on the right hand side of my garden.  I wanted one like the ones you get in parks, with very deep pink blossom, and leaves that start off a dark brownish/red.  Obviously I would have to keep it in check so it doesn’t get too huge, but I love the idea of being to cut blossomed branches to put in zinc buckets.  Anyway, every spring comes and goes, and I still haven’t got my rear in gear to get one, but I found a nursery in Norfolk that sells them.  An email to them confirmed that yes, they are still delivering and that they can leave it on the doorstep.  So I’ve ordered it!  When I went out on the garden to prep where I want it to go, I moved away the shingle that is currently there.  It was then that I discovered, that the landscape gardener had of course concreted the path where the shingle was. Of course he did!  I’m not sure why I though I’d find earth under there.  So I now have visions of me hacking away at this concrete with a hammer and some sort of sharp instrument, and regretting not doing my research first.  Wish me luck with that!

Anyway, the rate we are going, my garden will look splendid by Easter, which will be a first.  It’s normally a total wilderness and dumping ground until Easter at the very earliest.

Gosh that was a ramble wasn’t it…anyway, I’m off to find something amusing to watch on Netflix with my eldest.  Any recommendations of things to watch with a 14 year gratefully received.  We loved Anne With An ‘E’ (both sobbed at the end!), and we’ve just enjoyed Next in Fashion (again, both sobbed at the end!!).  So hit me up with suggestions, it doesn’t even have to be anything that makes us weep!

Catch up tomorrow lovelies, stay safe and well.

Tamsyn x




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