Day 4

Felbrigg Hall National Trust
  • Mirror in Felbrigg Hall

Hello everyone

How are you doing?  Last night here in the UK we all opened our doors and windows and clapped for the NHS to show our support.  It was amazing to hear applause and whooping peeling out across our city, for the wonderful staff who are giving so much at the moment.

I then had a Zoom hangout with some friends, there were 9 of us altogether!  My friend set it up and from what I can gather, it’s what a lot of people use for online business meetings.  I’m planning another hangout with some girl friends next week, we might try House Party app and see how that is.  I really value technology right now, as it’s been almost two weeks since I interacted face to face with other adults (not counting shop workers and a couple of neighbours I’ve seen).

Anyway, back in half term we went to our favourite National Trust property, Felbrigg Hall.  Then the heavens opened and we went to Cromer for fish and chips, and got completely soaked.  The mirror in the selfie I took had some foxing on it, hence why my boy’s face looks grubby (it wasn’t really!).

I spent some time today desperately searching for the key to the summerhouse, but alas it was fruitless.  I even tried picking the lock, but it turns out that’s actually not very easy (thank goodness I guess!).  So once this is all over I’ll have to get a person out to sort it for me.  I’m desperate to get in there!

Lola and I are going to have a creative day tomorrow, making some portraits.  We’ve been scouring my Pinterest boards for inspiration for hair and make up, and I think we’re going to try some botanical elements, such as flowers petals as make up. Watch this space!

Have a lovely evening, stay well!

Tamsyn x


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