Day trip to Whitstable…

 Hello all!

As I mentioned yesterday, the children and I are staying at my parents house in East Sussex for the week.  I had seen pictures online of the most beautiful pastel coloured beach hut in Whitstable, Kent, and decided to go on a day trip with the children so I could track it down and photograph it!

Whitstable is a pretty seaside down where oysters are a speciality, and you can can see gorgeous wooden weatherboard houses lining the shingle beach.  The town has some fab boutiques and quirky little shops, as well as lots of cool eateries and seafood restaurants.  The heat was pretty impressive, so after a fish and chip lunch (have eaten a lot of fish and chips this week, not great for the waistline!) we slowly plodded down the main high street and made our way to the beach.  The children went for a paddle to cool down, and I left them the with my parents whilst I went off in my quest to find the pastel coloured beach hut.  I almost wanted to high five the nearest person when I found it!

By the time I got back to the children, there was almost no breeze at all, so we finished off our trip with the most divine ice cream we’ve ever had – if you ever visit Whitstable, the ice cream van parked by the harbour is excellent!  A fabulous day was had by all, and I totally indulged my love of all things pastel coloured!

Tamsyn x




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  • Lovely pix :o) Whenever I see pastels Tamsyn, I think of you. Just discovered a new shop on Etsy that I think you will love – the ice cream bowls and spoons in particular!

    • Hi Debbie, ooh thank you, will take a look-yes it's true, am a little obsessed with pastels at the moment, can't get enough of them!
      Have a lovely day!
      Tamsyn x

  • Looks gorgeous. Will have to plan a trip. It keeps coming up as places to go. And I love ice-cream!

    • It really is a lovely place to visit if you get the chance, and the ice cream is wonderful! 😀

      Tamsyn x

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