Deconstructed roses…

Hello all!

A few weeks ago I had some lovely roses from Morrisons.  I know I always rave about Morrisons flowers but I really do think they are fab – lush blooms at a decent price.  Once they’d started to droop, I did what I always do, and pull the heads off to put them in the compost bin (bear with me on this!).  As I was doing this the outer petals fell off leaving the centre buds laying nestled in my little compost bucket looking like this – mini fairy tutus, twirly meringues or criss crossed ballet slipper ribbons.  I couldn’t leave them looking so beautiful without taking some snapshots, so I scooped them up and photographed them before my daughter got her hands on them and used them as confetti.  All over her bedroom floor…but that’s a different story!

On Thursday the children and I are borrowing my parents caravan and we are going to Pevensey Bay on the south coast for a week.  I can’t wait to spend some quality time with them, and we will be a stone’s throw from the beach, so it will be a true bucket and spade holiday.  I hope to share some pictures with you later in the week!

Tamsyn x




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