Diptyque Candle Vase

Hello everyone, Happy Sunday!

I’ve seen lots of pictures of Diptyque glass handle holders being used as little vases for flowers, or even with hyacinth bulbs in them.  They’re far too pretty to throw away, so when I recently finished my amazing Figuier candle, on one hand I was obviously very sad I had used it all up, but on the other I was excited to turn it into a vessel for blooms.  A bit of googling/Pinterest searching told me that the best way to clean it out, was to scrape out as much of the residual wax as possible, before filling with very hot (not boiling) water.  Most of the remaining wax then came to the surface and was fairly easy to get rid of.  I did then use a little bit of white spirit to clean the rest of it out, before washing again with hot soapy water.  Easy!

I managed to get to the car boot fair this morning before the heavens opened, and came home with some lovely books and vintage bottles, which I will snap for you today.

Have a wonderful day!

Tamsyn x


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