DIY Memo Board

(Fabric and stationary gifted to me by Laura Ashley, all views my own.)

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to share this post with you – when the lovely people at Laura Ashley asked me if I’d like to do a memo board tutorial using some of their gorgeous fabrics, I jumped at the chance!  As you know, I can’t resist a floral print, so I chose Francesca Apple Green Linen Mix with it’s gorgeous turquoise hues, and Orchid Apple Green Linen.  I gathered some vintage postcards, antique letters and vintage brooches to display on my memo boards – why not make one to display jewellery on?  These are super easy to make and take no time at all, although it is worth spending some time working on the positioning of your fabric, especially if it’s a large print like I used.  Head over to the Laura Ashley blog here to see lots of lovely interiors and craft ideas!

You will need…

You will need –

A cork board in the size of your choice


Craft wadding

Fabric Scissors

Staple gun

Pretty things to pin on your memo board – postcards, tickets, brooches etc

Pins – I used dressmaking pins with pearl heads

First of all, cut your wadding and fabric.  I placed my cork board on the wadding, and simply cut round it.  For the fabric, I cut it bigger than the board, as you need to pull the fabric round to the back of the board to staple it.  I allowed approximately 3 inches all the way round. To staple your fabric, start with a corner.  Pull the fabric over the corner to make a triangle.  Make sure it’s taut, and staple it down.

Then pull the side edge of the fabric round to the back – staple gun in nearly all the way down, stopping short of the corner – repeat the above process for that corner.

Work your way all round the board, making sure the fabric is pulled taut so that the front of the board is nice and flat.

Hey presto, your memo board is done!  Next, take your decorative bits and arrange them on the board –

I used sewing pins with pearl heads to pin my bits and bobs.

This would look lovely with jewellery pinned to it, or to display beautiful handwritten letters and mementoes.

Happy crafting!

Tamsyn x




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