Dreaming Of A New Sofa

Hello everyone!

I have always had the opinion that my sofa has aged pretty well.  With it’s classic shape and style, it has not only looked beautiful for the last eleven years, but it has also always been a very inviting place to park one’s derriere.  It has withstood much lounging with newspapers, hours of being sat on to feed newborn babies, toddlers jumping up and down on it, the seat cushion pads being pulled off to make dens.  Spillages of wine, curry, and chocolate milk, guests sleeping on it, too many family members squished on it at on special occasions, and often the three of us curling up on it in to watch a movie.  You name it, it’s had it.  I often find coins, Lego and sweet wrappers down the back of it, and the covers have been through the wash so many times they are looking more than a little frayed at the edges.  The inside of the seat pads now burst through the broken zips like they are permanently trying to escape their doom.  The arms and cushions have now taken on a grimy greyish hue, the sort that I fear will never come out even with the sparkliest laundry suds.

In other words, it’s looking saggy, baggy and tired, and that is most definitely not the look I am going for here!  So it might be time soon to ship this sofa out, and replace it with something gorgeous.  Something with Chesterfield proportions, button backed vintage styling, and generous seat pads that we can nestle into.  Perhaps on elegant little castors.  Maybe in oatmeal linen, maybe in sumptuous velvet in a crazy jewel hue (a girl can dream, right?).  So, I will start my search for a sofa to swoon over and with superior lounging features to bring this corner of my living room up to date.  Watch this space!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Tamsyn x

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  • Beautiful sofa, love the soft pastel colors.

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