Dusky Roses and a Vintage Dress

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a lovely weekend?

On Saturday I spend the most wonderful day in London town.  It was SO hot (we’re just not used to it here in the UK!) and I spent most of the day melting.  Not very glamorous!  It didn’t matter though as I had so much fun. Here’s what I got up to.

1) Had brunch in Islington with my friend Kirsty.  We had a good catch up and avocado and eggs on toast.

2)Got the bus to Tottenham Court Road, the plan was to walk to Hyde Park.  On the way we found a wonderful traditional pub where we firmly planted ourselves for the England game.  The atmosphere was brilliant, and as it was Pride lots of folks were covered in glitter and wearing the most gorgeous sparkly clothes!

3)Left the pub in such a good mood, continued the walk to Hyde Park, caught a bit of the Pride carnival which was so lovely!

4)Finally arrived at British Summertime at Hyde Park, where we saw The Cure, one of my absolute favourite bands ever!  We sang along and danced, and then I caught the 11.30pm train home to Norwich, which got in at 1.30am!  Cue a slightly hazy Sunday.

Anyway, I love these portraits I took of my girl recently.  When I went down to Rye in March (see some snaps here), I found a pretty little shop near the station which was crammed with vintage china and clothing.  On the rails I found two dresses, one an adult version in pink, and this one.  I wonder if they were bridesmaid dresses?  So of course, I had to take some photos of Lola in this one.  And these dusky pink roses seemed like the perfect prop.

I am finishing some plastering, filling and painting in the bay window in my bedroom, then it will be ready to snap and share with you.  I have the most gorgeous copper curtain poles that my dad and brother put up for me, and I love them!

Tamsyn x

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