Eiderdown Love

Hello everyone, Happy Saturday!

I am really appreciating the benefits of a good old fashioned feather filled eiderdown at the moment.  Living in a house on a hill, it’s fair to say we’re exposed to the elements, and matters aren’t approved by my old single pane windows.  Yes folks it’s chilly here, and even when my friends visit, they’ve taken to bringing big jumpers and scarves!  All of this has given me the perfect excuse to throw lots of vintage eiderdowns and quilts on my sofa for winter snuggling.  They also look delicious stacked on top of each other, in full ditzy floral glory.  eBay is a good place to find vintage eiderdowns, although the better condition they are in, the more you can expect to pay.  It’s also worth rummaging through the rails at TKMaxx, as occasionally a nice Durham quilt will pop up, like the top one in my picture.

The bunting in the background was an easy rainy afternoon craft project – strips of fabric doubled over twine and stitched.  Simple but pretty.

Tamsyn x




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  • Love,love,love all ypur beautiful Eiderdowns!!!!! So beautiful pictured!!!
    Tovehugs 🙂

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