February Musings

Hello everyone!

Some sweet tulips for you all…signs of spring are appearing here in Norfolk, and it’s such a welcome sight.  I love the idea of a cosy winter with lots of ‘hygge’, and curling up with a book, maybe wistfully looking out of a window whilst holding a steaming mug of something.  But the reality is I never actually get around to any of that.  Winter always seems like a desperate scramble to get stuff done in daylights hours (like take photos!).  I love the light and colour that spring brings, so I’m excited to see tiny primroses unfurl in the front garden, and hellebores awake from their slumber.  (If, like me you love hellebores, you might like this post from last year!)

Speaking of the garden, I have made a decision to let go of our allotment after two years.  It was fun whilst it lasted, but the drought last year was hard work, plus I’m grateful to have got busier with my freelance work.  (Not only that but there was a grumpy old man in the plot next to us, who put me off going!)  I’ve decided that I have enough on my plate here with the front and back gardens, there’s plenty to keep me busy!  Whilst my daughter isn’t bothered about the allotment at all, I do feel a little bit sad for my son who loved to potter there.  So I’m going to track down an old tin bath or similar, so we can grow some tomatoes and salad leaves on the decking for him to look after.  Have any of you dear readers had joy growing vegetables in containers?

Another thing I’m getting very excited, is the return of the car boot fairs!  I’m not actually allowing myself to go treasure hunting until I’ve sold lots of stuff I need to get rid of, but I could sneak in a couple couldn’t I?!  Things I will be looking out for this year are as follows : more books (can never have too many beautiful old books!), vintage teacups (use them all the time as props in photos), and transferware plates.  I love ’em.  Oh and floral fabric of course.  I’m very much looking forward to sharing my finds with you all!

Tamsyn x

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  • Julie

    Hello Tamsyn. You can grow a great deal of vegetables in containers now. Just make sure to have good drainage in the bottom of your bath tub … perhaps some broken old crockery or some bark. Also I would recommend using a good quality container mix in the bathtub. I used a cheaper quality potting mix once with not such good results. I am sure your son will be able to grow a large number of things in containers, just remember to keep well watered. He will Love It!

  • Janet Squires

    Who doesn’t love a tulip?! Thank you Tamsyn for your lovely musings. Lots of love XX

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