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Wishing you all a wonderful December!  I never feel particularly festive at the very start of December, but this year I am throwing myself into the spirit of things.  Mulled wine, dusting off the vintage baubles, and starting to add touches of magic around the house.  Let’s do this!

These photos are actually from last year, but I took so many snaps and never got around to sharing them.  Each fireplace was festooned with a dried flower installation, and I loved the slightly magical feel, so I will definitely do something with the same vibe this year.  I used lots of foraged botanicals (mindfully foraged of course, only as much as I needed and I left berries for the birds).  Hydrangeas were snipped form the garden, and I bought dried strawflowers and delphiniums from Shropshire Petals to mix in with the foraged greenery and seed heads.  The dried flowers are still looking good this year, maybe a little less vibrant but still beautiful, so I will use them again.

We had a really wet and windy day the other week, and as I walked my son to school I saw a lovely big branch that had fallen to the pavement.  So on the way home I picked it up and bought it home.  I am planning to hang it in the back room, and to attach foraged stuff, the dried flowers, and maybe hang some of my new (old!) icicle shaped glass baubles.  I will let you know how that goes!

Tamsyn x

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  • Katie

    Beautiful Tamsyn. I’ve seen a lot of people dry dahlias. Have you ever tried that?

    • Thank you Katie, yes I have tried this summer, I didn’t really get the volume of flowers to get a lot, but I have a few! My pink ones seemed to dry the best x

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