Four Ways To Upcycle Vintage Glasses

Hello everyone!

How has your week been?  It’s been my first week of the year working out on location, on four different days, in rain and gales!  It’s been a challenge, although I am as always, so grateful for the work.  I’ve missed taking photographs though, and I have earmarked a chunk of next week for taking lots of pictures.  On the subject of photographs, I’m considering looking into selling prints of some of my photos.  Postcards and maybe notecards.  I’d love to know if any of you lovely readers would be interested in purchasing my photographs, so do leave a comment!

Back to today’s post.  I’m sharing my photographs from the January issue of Reclaim Magazine, and my monthly feature.  (The February issue is just out so do grab a copy if you love vintage and reclaimed interiors!)  For the January Issue, I shared four ways to upcycle vintage glasses.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for pretty vintage glassware.  Especially as it’s so easy to pick up cheaply at car boot fairs and thrift shops and charity shops.  It’s a wonderful, decadent treat to get them out of the cupboard to use with friends (twice a year!).  So why not use them for some thing else?  Give them a new purpose, and save them from gathering dust in a cupboard.

Candle Holders

Use pliable wire to make a cradle to suspend your glass and hold a tea light.  Suspend from the top of mirrors, ledges and shelves for a magical light display.

1.Cut four pieces of wire approximately 30cm long

2.Take the first two pieces of wire.  Place them parallel,one either side of the top of the stem.  Twist the wire either side of the stem firmly all the way to the end, so that the stem is trapped in between.

3. Repeat with the other two pieces of wire.

4. You should now have four pieces of wire pointing up from your glass.  Arrange them so that they are at an equal distance around the glass.  Gather the ends up and twist to make a loop.

Miniature Gardens

Bring a little nature inside and use your glasses to make tiny botanical gardens.  Place a layer of grit in the bottom of your glass for drainage first, before adding a little compost.  I planted moss, succulents and a little hyacinth bulb in my glasses.

 Trinket Holders

 Display sparkly costume jewellery in saucer champagne glasses for a decadent, whimsical display.  To create interest with different heights, stack pretty vintage books to create a little dressing table vignette.

Jewel Brights

Transform tired glassware by giving it a makeover with glass paint.  I chose jewel bright colours from Hobbycraft.  Top tip for painting glass – build up colour gradually by applying thin layers.  Leave to dry in between coats, otherwise it runs!
 Can you think of any other ways to upcycle glassware?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

Tamsyn x

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  • Tamsyn I love all of these ideas you are soooo clever , especially loving the candle idea ! Happy weekend xx

    • tamsynmorgans

      Ah thank you so much Ashley, so kind! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xxx

  • Janet Squires

    Thank you yet again for another lovely and inspirational post. I love the idea of buying your photos as postcards and note cards. Its a thumbs up from me! XX:-)

  • Sally Christie

    Thumbs up for postcards and prints, love all of your photos x

  • These are really lovely ways to upcycle vintage glasses. Thanks for sharing them.

  • I like these ideas. Often we buy the latest styles of glasses. And we are left clueless what to do to the old ones.

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