Gathered Ideas (Getting my crafting mojo back)

Hello everyone!

I hope your week is going well.

I am not ashamed to say that I have had a bit of a creative block recently.  I don’t mean taking photographs, or pulling together a vignette – I mean a more of a crafting block.  Creating something, whether it be painting, sewing or building.  There’s something about pulling out boxes of fabrics and papers that can can send me into a panic if I haven’t done it for a while!  The fact is, making things is what I’m good at, and I’ve missed it.  It might be that the summer months are less conducive to sitting down and crafting.  It’s the sort of skill that once abandoned for a while, quickly gathers dust.  This week, that little corner of my brain sparked back into action.  Maybe the darker and rainier days have something to do with it, but the biggest thing to kick start my crafting mojo back into action, is that I pitched this week for a sponsored post.  I had to come up with an crafting idea for winter, and for the first time in months and months, I sat and looked at my Pinterest boards, yes sat and actually looked at my pins!  Can you believe it!  (You can find my Pinterest boards here).  It worked, because very quickly I had written a list of ideas, and I’m excited to pull out my boxes of fabrics, paints and glue, and to make a big crafty mess.  Sometimes that spark in our creative mind just needs re-igniting.

I also pulled out my scrapbooks, which I know someone recently asked to see more pictures of.  I started these books about 15 years ago, long before the days of Pinterest.  Before recycling a magazine, I would go through it, pull out any pictures I liked, and glue them into my scrapbook.  Each page was themed (yes I got quite anal about it!  Each page had to be perfectly curated), very much like Pinterest boards today.  Although I buy a lot fewer magazines, I still have a box full of clippings, and I occasionally painstakingly glue a few pictures in.  I love looking through these books for inspiration, and I will always treasure them.

It’s easy enough to make your own inspirations scrapbook.  Little clipping of things you love, whether it be a piece of pottery you are hankering after, your dream sofa or some luscious fabric.  I use art sketch books, but anywhere on the high street does scrapbooks now.

I am off to London tomorrow for a blogger meeting, but Friday and over the weekend I will be crafting like a boss!  I hope to share some of my makes with you very soon!

Have a fab day.

Tamsyn x


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  • Thanks for the insider’s sneak peek! I love keeping a scrapbook! I’m also a pinterest addict but you still can’t beat cutting and sticking. My pages aren’t as beautifully colour coordinated as yours though, more of a random jumble of pictures that catch my eye! I also posted a bit of a sneak peek inside my scrapbooks, here’s the link.

    • tamsynmorgans

      Hi Josephine! I took at look at your scrapbooks, beautiful!

  • Sally

    I too have had scrap books since I became ill a few years ago and was told to “do nothing “, virtually impossible for me so started sticking . I’m now fully recovered but still scrap book, although I love Pinterest, I really enjoy an evening in the winter cosied up and flicking through my scrap books, just dreaming xx

    • tamsynmorgans

      HI Sally, I’m so glad you have recovered now, but yes what lovely things to keep and treasure, so lovely to look back at them isn’t it! xx

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