Glorious Hydrangeas at East Ruston Old Vicarage

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

A couple of weeks ago, on what was perhaps the hottest day of the year here in Norfolk, the children and I went to explore the beautiful gardens at East Ruston Old Vicarage.  I hadn’t been for a few years, but Lola had just been with a friend and loved it.  So we decided to go for a visit and lunch.

The heat meant that we had most of the vast, rambling gardens to ourselves.   The garden is divided into sections, and has been designed to create beautiful, meandering paths through exotic planting schemes.

I was so happy when we found the avenue of hydrangeas under a shady glade.  Such a glorious sight!

We had a delicious lunch of homemade mackerel pate and salad, before setting off on then road again, for a quick look round Felbrigg Hall, which is where I snapped the glasshouse shown above.  We had a really a lovely day, despite being so hot and sticky!

Yesterday, I finally took the plunge and ordered cafe style shutters for the living room and my bedroom.  It’s a massive investment, and my head is still spinning slightly from handing over so much cash!  Although actually, I think I got a reasonably good deal, and I know they will make all the difference to both those rooms.  I think they will transform the front of the house, and make it a bit more private – currently when I get out of the shower I have to dash across the bedroom in my dressing room to shut the curtains so I can get dressed, so glamorous!  They will be installed sometime in October.

After I have pressed ‘publish’ on this post, I’m off to snap some of my latest dahlias to open for you.  With the rain we’ve had this week, I’m really hoping for a wonderful late summer display from them.

Tamsyn x

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