Golden January Light


Although it has been very chilly here this past week, we have had some gorgeous sunsets.  Sunsets which set the sky alight, pinky golden copper rose, casting shapes and shadows on the walls.  Chandelier glowing, with every speck of dust and spider web electric bright.  I try to savour it, for the glow is temporary, and fades within minutes to deep grey.  Distinguished for another day.

The days are growing longer by a few minutes a day, which is very welcome.  I do not want to wish time away, but a part of me longs for lighter days, and a warmer house!

The urn of dried flowers has been there for over a year now, and I realised it needs a good refresh, as the flowers have all faded and drooped low.  The chair in the top photo (not sure if I have shared it before?) was an auction win last year.  It was in a bit of a state, so I had to strip the fabric, paint it, and reupholster it in some old linen.  I have one very similar that I got years ago, but this one has arms, it coast about £25 at the auction.  You can still find these chairs easily enough and they are so gorgeous with a little TLC.  I am not precious about my upholstery skills – the goal is not to make it perfect, but to get it done and make it usable.

Have a wonderful week folks.

Tamsyn x


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  • Susan Earlam

    I love the “Get it done and make it usable” ethos. Gorgeous photos x

    • Thank you so much Sue, me too, I hope to share more projects like this in 2023 x

  • Natasha Denness

    Such beautiful light – I love your home! Happy 2023, Tamsyn. x

  • Georganne


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