Happy Saturday!

Hello everyone!

My parents have been staying the past few days, as we’ve been on a mission to rebuild a beautiful old wall that runs down the very bottom of my garden.  I’m guessing it’s late Victorian, as that’s when the house was built, and it’s a traditional Norfolk wall made from large stones with old red bricks capping the top.  I’ve learned how to make cement, and how to point with a trowel in-between the stones.  It’s looking beautiful, and once it’s finish it will give me another seating area at the end of the garden.  I’m looking forward to sourcing some old galvanised tubs to fill with hydrangeas and bulbs for the spring.  (I’ve never, ever been organised to plant bulbs for the spring, but I’m determined to make it happen this year!).

I have a painting project up my sleeve to add a huge splash of colour to my hallway, which I’m really excited to get underway and share with you in August.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Tamsyn x




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