Hello Again!


It’s been a while, I hope 2022 has been kind to you?

 I have taken a long hiatus from blogging, but this is me dipping my toe back into my tiny little corner of the internet.  I feel ready now to come back and share again…I do hope that if there is anyone still reading this, that you will join me!  I find the internet a hugely distracting and noisy place, but this will be a little corner of calm and vintage treasures, once more.

Anyway, a few words on the photographs above…my hydrangeas were a bit of a disaster this year because of the huge drought we had here in Norfolk.  So a few of these are from the garden, and some I bought at a fair.  The basket and galvanised bucket were car boot fair finds, and the mirror and incredible faded French curtains were both from the Arthur Swallow Decorative Home & Salvage Shows I’ve been to this year.  (Head over to their website here to see dates for next year.)

I am going through all the photos I have taken this year, and I will be back to share some very soon.  It’s been a good year for vintage treasures!

Tamsyn x


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  • Julie

    Its lovely to see you back again Tamsyn … I always used to really enjoy your posts. ❤

    • Hi Julie, that’s so lovely to hear, I’m really looking forward to sharing again so please do pop back! Have a lovely weekend x

  • Kelli

    WELCOME BACK! So very happy to see you again 🙂

    • Ah thank you so much Kelli, so happy to hear that! 🙂

  • Leslie-Anne

    I’m still reading and am glad that you’re back. I enjoy your gentle style/voice very much.

    • Hi Leslie-Anne, thank you so much for your kind words, it’s lovely to be back! I’m posting some pink dahlias from the garden shortly, so do pop back 🙂

  • Sally @allthatsallyloves

    Hello dear Tamsyn 🌺
    It’s so very lovely to join you again in your beautiful corner. Your photography and style never fails to lift my spirits, thank you for choosing to sprinkle a little more of your magic. Lots of love 🥰 xx

    • Ah hello Sally, so lovely to see you! Thank you for such wonderful words. I hope all is well with you! Much love xx

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