Hello February!

Hello everyone!

Happy February to you all.  I am back from my skiing holiday in the French Alps, where I explored the mountains, laughed a lot, and ate the most wonderful food.  I also enjoyed some après ski!  There’s something so magical about the mountains.  I think February is now the month where I will hibernate a little after such a busy January.  I worked out that I only spent 16 nights in my own bed last month.  January has been an inspiration, an adventure and an education, but it feels lovely to be able to put my suitcase away for a few weeks at least!

I plan to take lots of photos, and to start thinking about my garden, which is looking like a misty wilderness at the moment.  I will look for signs of hellebores peeping up from the flower beds, and tiny buds on my little magnolia bush.  I’m going to start (and finish!) some DIY jobs around the home, and finally put my Christmas baubles away.  I’d love to get my passion for cooking back this month too, as pottering in the kitchen isn’t something I’ve had time to indulge in recently.  I have a shoot taking place here next week, which is a brilliant opportunity for me to have a clear out and de-clutter.  For me, February is a chance to breathe, take stock and plan for the next few months.

What plans do you all have for February?

For those of you who were not be able to attend my Decorative Vintage Styling Workshop in Norwich next week, I’m excited to say that Katie and I are looking into some more dates at some other venues around the country!  If you know of any beautiful venues in your area that our workshop might suit, then please do get in touch.

Tamsyn x


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