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Antique dining table with painted chairs
  • Green and blue books on a shelf
  • Period home dining room with vintage furniture

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my brand new, shiny website.  Come in, have a browse with a cup of tea, make yourself at home!

It dawned on me at the end of last spring, that I really needed to think about a new website to call home.  As much as I loved the old one, I knew I was outgrowing it in so many ways.  I needed to steer it more a more professional direction for my photography and styling.  I knew that I wanted to keep the blog section pretty much the same, just a bit sleeker and a bit more beautiful.  I also knew that our own websites are so important, in this age of Instagram and algorithms – here, it is my space.  I own it, whereas on Instagram, we are at the whim of the powers that be (Facebook, unfortunately), and we do not own that content.  So here it is, my new little corner of the internet.  And I’m over the moon with it.

I commissioned the very talented Charly King, a freelance WordPress developer who is based in my neck of the woods.  I have used Charly to do bits and bobs for me over the last few years, and I went straight to her when I decided to take the plunge.  She listened to all my ideas, took them on board, and with her talent has created a beautiful site, that is easy to navigate, and shows off my photos to their best advantage.

I will also (for the first time in absolutely ages!) be putting a newsletter together for any of you that have subscribed.  (you can do that on the homepage.)  What do you like to see in newsletters?  Photography tips?  Extra photos?

Please do check out my new Photography page, and please do spread the word!  It has been a quiet winter, and I need to get some bookings in!

Before I go, I took these photos of the dining room last week, and I’ve only just realised how lovely the teals, turquoises and greens all look together.  A lucky accident on my count, but a very happy one!

I’ll be back in a few days, I’m not sure what with yet, maybe some images from the last issue of Reclaim Magazine.  We did a home tour of the prettiest, creative home full of vintage and upcycled projects, and plenty of florals.  You will love it!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Tamsyn x


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  • Charly

    It was an absolute pleasure working with you Tamsyn. Hope you enjoy your new website 🙂

    • Charly it was such a pleasure for me too, thank yo so much once again for all your hard work, I’m loving it! x

  • Lisa D.

    It’s beautiful, Tamsyn! I so love your blog, and your pictures. It’s all just so enchanting.

    • Ah thank you so much for all your support and lovely comments Lisa, I really do appreciate so much! I’m really excited to get going on the blog again and to share more prettiness with you x

  • Gaylette Lee Wineberg

    Been a faithful follower of yours since near the very beginning of your journey and am so delighted for you and thrilled with your new website. As we say here in Texas, I am “proud as punch” of you!

  • Julie

    Your new website looks amazing Tamsyn but Oh MY …… that dining room of yours !! Be still my beating heart ……………………………….

    • Thank you so much Julie, so happy you like it!

  • Emma Connolly

    It’s gorgeous! Love it. And I love getting newsletters. Personally I love a mixture of pics and a bit of a diary ramble haha. Have a fabulous weekend lovely.

    • Thank you so much Emma! Ooh brilliant, that’s good to know! You too xxx

  • Sharon U ?

    Beautiful as always but the teal is stunning. Website is lovely, looking forward to more as the year goes on. ???

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Sharon, and yes that pop of teal is so satisfying isn’t it!

  • Barbara

    Love this looking forward to A newsletter and lots of photography tips x

    • Thank you so much Barbara, brilliant I will start planning! x

  • Christie C

    Loving EVERYTHING!

  • Karen

    Dear Tamsyn, I only just discovered you & your page today and wanted to reach out & say what a talented lady you are! I love both your vintage home decor & your photography! I love the beauty & understatedness (if that’s a word?) of your style. I adore all things authentic vintage/old, pretty & floral, especially china, textiles & furniture, which I love to share on my little new FB page LovePrettyVintage. Thank you so much for the beauty you create and share. Today I am sharing some of your beautiful pictures on my tiny FB page, with of course all credit to you & a link to your website. I see you haven’t posted on FB for a long time, which is a shame as I dont have other SM accounts, but have joined up to your newsletter, so will keep up to date with you through that, hopefully. Thank you, Karen x. Love Pretty Vintage

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