Hello September!

Well hello there September!

I feel so excited for this month and all it holds.  There’s something so delicious about the last few weeks of summer, tangled flowers in the garden and golden evening light.   And I’m finally getting excited for all the delights that early Autumn brings.  Sunny walks, chunky knitwear and boots, candles, adding extra blankets to the bed…

I am looking for new clients this month, so if you have a small business and need anything shooting for your website or catalogue, please do drop me line by clicking the envelope on the menu bar.  Or if you would like me to shoot a scrabble letter flatlay like the one above for your brand, then again just drop me a line.

The craft room is having a complete overhaul which is very exciting, and also the end of an era.  It came about because whilst I was away somewhere over the summer, I came home to find that one of my shelves holding all my stacks of vintage fabric, had started to come away from the wall.  (Old houses!!)  Then when I came back from another trip, it had come off the wall even more, and all the fabric had fallen down.  So, I think it was that which sparked a need for a change.  I’m now going to turn it into a photographic studio, and get a really brilliant cupboard built into one of the alcoves for all my props and fabrics.  I do love a challenge!  I will of course update you, you can see photos of the craft room in this post here.

Wishing you all a wonderful new month!  I’ll be back in a couple of days so please do pop back – a lady recently sent me a lovely message asking how best to follow this blog (thank you so much for your kind words!).  I’m now looking into that, and I’ll find a solution to that ASAP!  In the meantime I do generally share all my blog posts over on Instagram, especially with the swipe up links in my Instagram Stories, so if you’re already over there, come and say hi!

Have a a wonderful day, I’m cooking a roast dinner for the children so we can enjoy our last afternoon at home before term starts.

Tamsyn x


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