Hyacinth Bulbs in Vintage Tin

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d just post this as a very quick, easy and thrifty gift idea.  I love planting hyacinth bulbs in containers at Christmas, so when I saw bulbs on offer at Lidl (less than a pound each) I put a few in my basket.  My dad gave me this lovely old Oxo tin, and I think it looks so vibrant with the bright green of the moss and shoots.  I placed the bulbs in the tin, still in their plastic pots.  I then filled the gaps around the pots with paper, and put a layer of moss down to hide the plastic pots.  I got my moss from a wholesale floristry supply shop, but I’m sure you can get it on good old eBay.  You could put bulbs in any attractive container – vintage tea cups and crockery look lovely with bulbs in, as well as old zinc containers, and they would look beautiful lined up on your dining table as part of your table decoration.

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