Hydrangea Sprigs From The Garden

Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday!

I snipped these hydrangea blooms from the garden on Sunday morning.  I’ve talked about my nostalgic love of hydrangeas before (my Nana had huge beautiful blue and purple bushes in her front garden which I remember from my childhood).  My own hydrangea bushes are looking luscious in my garden, thanks to the copious amounts of rain we’ve had recently.  Once the petals are fully open, I will share some snaps with you.  I love placing a single sprig in a vintage glass bottle, and lining them up on the mantelpiece, or even down the middle of a table laid for lunch.  So simple but so beautiful.

We have a birthday in the house tomorrow.  My girl will be eleven years old.  This time eleven years ago I was waddling around the grounds of the hospital feeling like, and indeed resembling, a very large, hard boiled egg, at 42 weeks of pregnancy.  Not very glamorous!

She has requested a chocolate cake, which I shall make later (wish me luck – it’s been a while since I baked!).  On Friday we head off to Latitude festival, which has become her annual birthday treat and we’re so looking forward to it.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it remains dry – I’ve seen enough mud to last me the year!

Tamsyn x

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  • Oh my favourite. My gran also grew them in her garden and as a child I loved them & I still do. I love drying them too and have lots all around my home…

    All things nice…

    • Hydrangeas are the best aren't they! I love drying them too, and making wreaths out of them!

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