Hydrangea Wreath

Hello everyone,, Happy Wednesday!

You might have noticed in my last post that I had made a hydrangea wreath to go on the wall in my shot.  It’s that time of year when you may have already cut and dried some hydrangeas, or you’re about to (some of mine in the garden have withered away, whereas some are still in full bloom), so it’s a good time to get crafting and to make those flower heads into a beautiful, rustic wreath.  A years ago I made a guest post at Apartment Apothecary with instructions on how to make one of these wreaths, you can see it here if you fancy giving it a go yourself.

I’m heading out into the misty morning shortly to run some errands (including visiting my local florists wholesalers which I’m very excited about!), then I have three pumpkins lined up for some carving later with the children!

Have a fab day everyone!

Tamsyn x

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